Best Key & Peele Sketch Tournament – Round 1

Well then, here are the sketches that have made it through the nomination round!

“Continental Breakfast”, “Substitute Teacher”, “Gremlins 2 Brainstorm”, “Teaching Center”, “Obama’s Anger Translator: Meet Luther”, “I Said B****”, “Country Music”, “Aerobics Meltdown”, “Prepared for Terries”, “Mr. T PSA”, “LMFAO’s Nonstop Party”, “Family Matters”, “Black Republicans”, “Ray Parker Jr.’s Other Hits”, “McCringleberry’s Excessive Celebration”, “Auction Block”, “Obama Meet & Greet”, “Menstruation Orientation”, “Georgina and Esther and Satan”, “Nooice”, “Text Message Confusion”, “Pussy on the Chainwax”, “Soul Food”, “Dubstep”, “Following MLK Jr.”, “A Cappella”, “Rap Album Confessions”, “Clear History”, “East/West College Bowl”, “White Zombies”, “Inner City Hogwarts”, “High on Potenuse”

Names have all been taken from Vulture’s All 298 Key & Peele Sketches, Ranked list. A few of these would be better known by alternative names on their YouTube Channel, I’ll be sure to include them in the matches below, especially if the ‘official name’ is less intuitive.

Voting will end on 4th April, 9PM EDT