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Wax On – Cobra Kai 103 ‘Esqueleto’

Welcome to episode three of Cobra Kai! Just a reminder, please do not discuss anything further than this episode (including actors who will be in the show in the future) without putting it under the spoiler tag.

CN for drowning this week. And if anyone has other warnings that they need, let me know, I want y’all to have a good time, not a awful time 🙂

Welcome back! So with in this episode we meet Miguels family! Rosa, his grandmother, and Carmen, his mom, both of whom are really great characters.

First we meet Rosa Diaz.

Not this one.
There we go.

She’s played by Rose Bianco, and is one of those women who doesn’t give a fuck anymore. She’s seen it all, she’s no longer shocked by anything. She’s got a twinkle in her eye, and a wicked sense of humor. I would be best friends with Rosa if I could, and we would be a bad influence on each other.

Like this, but me and Rosa.

And then there’s Carmen Diaz (Vanessa Rubio), Miguels mom, who is kind and hardworking and smart.

Kind, hardworking, and smart.
Hearteyes motherfucker

I love Carmen.

That smile! Oh god, I’m such a useless pansexual.

Is it because she’s a successful woman who’s raised her kid right? Her kindness? Her generosity? Her perceptive nature? Is it her amazing skin, her lovely smile, her beautiful long curly hair? I don’t know, I’m totally a smitten kitten right here. Sorry Wiseguy, leaving you for Carmen. And Johnny.

Stop looking so cute! You’re only at the beginning of your redemption arc damnit!

Anyways, moving on.

Miguel is training in his room, shadow boxing furiously, because training! Is! Important! Which is mistaken as masturbation by his grandmother Rosa (I mean, he did say ‘Let me finish!’, understandable mistake, but I was still cringe laughing, poor Miguel). He and his family have dinner together, and the actors all do a wonderful job of showing a family who loves and supports each other, from setting aside some food for Carmen who is home late, to promising to make Miguel his own Deadpool costume.

Johnny is low on funds and students (if he has as much money as students he’s in big trouble). Miguel is low on patience, wanting desperately to learn some kicking, which Johnny says he isn’t ready for.

‘Besides, if I don’t get any more students, I’m not gonna be able to teach you anything.’

‘Well you thought about advertising, right?’ says Miguel


He said, lying.

At the school, the clueless principal is making announcement about how wrong cyber bullying is, inadvertently revealing that Eli was reduced to tears over it. Oh god…poor guy. The way he touches his face, trying to hide his scar. I hurt for him, I do.

Miguel tries to recruit him and Demitri, saying that Johnny is ‘the real deal’ but neither of them are interested, Demetri (speaking for them both again) saying they’d rather play video games then get punched in the face (I mean, so would I really.)

Meanwhile Aisha thinks that Sam and she could go as sodium and chloride, table salt (although apparently it’s more complex then that..huh! I was not aware.)

Sam says she’s already going as a Lakers Girl, but maybe Aisha could be one too? Prompting Yasmin to interupt ‘They’re one size fits all, which suddenly seems like false advertising.’

Aisha is crushed, and Sam says nothing. Geez Sam, come on.

Johnny is trying to advertise Cobra Kai. And that is all I will say of it, because while I find the bit with the strip malls homeless woman fun (Johnny says he’ll pay her to wave a sign around, she asks if she should ‘flash her bits’), the rest of it is just straight up cringe, as Johnny walks around town with his headband on (oh god why, why??), trying to get students and handing out flyers.

This is the best I could manage screenshot wise.

It’s so embarrassing, I feel embarrassed!

Burnt out and feeling defeated, Johnny is in no mood for Miguels peppy attitude when he arrives back at the dojo, but his student soon cheers him up, showing him the Cobra Kai webpage he made in his spare time. Not only that, he’s changed his ringtone to something from Ratt. Johnny is impressed and a little touched at all this. Which is when he decides.

He’s going to drown his only student.

Okay, it’s not quite like that. To train him how to kick, Johnny sneaks Miguel into a local swimming pool at night, ties his hands together, and then shoves him in the pool.

Jesus Johnny, what the fuck kinda training did Kreese put you through that you think this shit is normal??? Newsflash, it’s not normal!!

Thankfully Miguel doesn’t drown, kicking so hard he floats. ‘Drowning is for pussies!’ says Johnny, and somehow Miguel is grateful, doesn’t stop training or call the cops on Johnny. Okay??

At the LaRusso family house, Daniel is trying not to worry too much about Sam’s relationship with Kyler. Despite his wife and his friends reassuring him everything will be fine (well Amanda does, his work friends are…um..well.) but has a moment of weakness and checks her instant messages, where he sees that Kyler wants to spend some time alone with her.

Daniels brain right now.

At dinner, he says the school was looking for volunteers to chaperone, but weren’t having any luck. ‘Yeah no kidding, who wants to spend their night in a sweaty gym.’ says Amanda.

‘You’re off the hook, I said I’d do it.’ says Daniel.

Oh wow Sam is not happy. If looks could kill, Daniel would be dead.

Just be glad Sam isn’t one of those teenagers with mind powers Daniel.

I can’t blame Sam. Nothing is a bigger mood killer than your parents, and again, Kyler has a BIG surprise for her. Daniel promises not to embarrass her though. Sure, sure, sounds believable.

Since Johnny is still having a hard time getting new students, he tells Miguel that he’ll drive him to the dance so he can recruit some students there. Sure, a grown man wandering around a school that his kid doesn’t even go to…sure. I’m starting there should be a drinking/exercise game for this. ‘Do a shot everytime Johnny does something that an adult really really shouldn’t do!’ Nah, too vague. Wait I know, do a shot every time Johnny calls someone a pussy, that’ll work.

So Miguel puts on his costume. It’s…pretty terrible, clearly made from a fitted sheet with some eye-holes cut into it.

“Nah, you’re not wearing that, Cobra Kai has a reputation to uphold.” says Johnny.

And so Miguel enters the Halloween dance wearing Johnnys old skeleton costume from the Karate Kid movie. The dance that Daniel is chaperoning. Well I’m sure that’s not some sort of bad omen or anything.

Sam and the Plastics are dressed up as Lakers Girls, while Kyler and his bunch are all pirates. I gotta say, I am so so uncomfortable seeing the girls sexualized like that. But maybe that’s the point? That sometimes teenage girls would make decisions about their apparel that they would normally make because of their peers. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this.

Sam takes a second away from the popular crowd to talk to Aisha, and aww these two! It’s obvious why they’ve been such good friends, they really get each other, cracking jokes and such. Mary Mouser and Nicole Brown have real chemistry together and it shows. But all too soon, Yasmin calls Sam back for a group selfie. Oh well.

This is the only picture I could get of the two of them together, and that makes me sad.

Daniel is trying to be gracious to the principal, who is awkwardly flirting with him, when he sees Miguel in his skeleton costume walk by, pointing at the Cobra Kai posters Johnny is putting up. Following them, he finds the man himself, and the two of them bicker about Cobra Kai again. ‘I just don’t know why you’d want to bring Cobra Kai back, after what Kreese did to you.’ says Daniel. ‘Because I’m not Kreese! And the lessons worked.’ says Johny. ‘ “Strike first, no mercy.” Real good lessons.’ Daniel replies sarcastically.

I hate how Johnny is gaslighting himself here. Kreese did so much damage to him and the other Cobra Kais, physically and emotionally, and Johnny still feels the need to defend him. He doesn’t even realize how messed up it is that he’s doing that.

They’re interrupted as Daniel notices Kyler and Sam running by. Telling Johnny to leave, he follows the pair. Kyler is finally going to show Sam that something BIG to show her, but Daniel interrupts, saying he knew Kyler was no good all along. Oh, but wait! Kyler just wanted to give Sam this cute bracelet! It belonged to his grandma! Sam storms out, and Daniel looks like an over protective idiot. Whups.

Poor Aisha, looking rather lonely, is hiding out at the snack table. Which is when Yasmin does something really disgusting.

Snapping a picture of the other girl on her phone, she uses a filter to put a pig nose on her pasting ‘The Buffet Is Under Attack!’ over it, then sends it to some sort of group text. One by one, everyone at the school starts looking at their phones and laughing at her, and she tearfully runs away.

Poor Aisha. I’m so glad I’m not a teenager in this day and age, things just look so much harder. The Plastics and their boys all laugh as Aisha runs off, but Sam seems extremely uncomfortable.

Still didn’t motivate her into standing up for her friend though.

Miguel, Demitri, and Eli are at the urinals together, chatting (I find these kinds of scenes hilarious, Wiseguy has told me men don’t chat in bathrooms, so this is always ridiculously fun to me.) when Kyler and his crew walk in, talking about how it was too bad Kyler didn’t get to do any sexy fun with Sam.

‘You had her in the palm of your dick!’ (gross, and doesn’t even make sense) says Kylers friend whose name is…(checks Cobra Kai wiki) Bruck? Okay, I guess that’s a name. It’s about then that Miguel and his friends are discovered. Eli and Demitri run out, but Miguel stays and fights because they badmouthed Johnny (Miguel, I love ya, but don’t). Not very successfully though, it seems a few days of karate training weren’t enough, and he is quickly put on the ground. Oh no, Miguel!

Johnny is still putting up flyers when Kyler and his boys come dashing out out the locker room, snickering wickedly. He walks in, and horrified, finds a beaten and bloody Miguel laying on the floor.

Next recap will be up next Thursday.

Cobra Callbacks:

-Just like in TKK, there’s a Cobra Kai at the Halloween dance in a skeleton costume.

-Miguel is horribly beaten and hurt, just like Daniel was.

-Amanda mentions Daniel’s mom driving him on dates

Snake Bytes:

‘When Daniel was being tormented by Johnny and his goons, his mom knew he was being bullied because of his black eye. But in 2018, bullying doesn’t leave a physical mark. Online harassment through social media platforms and texting inflicts internal damage, making it harder to spot.

“Themes of bullying are still relevant to all of us, [though] they’ve changed with technology,” Macchio, 56, told Newsweek. “We dealt with that in the original Karate Kid film, and we deal with that, in a way, in Cobra Kai with how a younger generation deals with a very serious issue and how to navigate adolescence.”-via Newsweek

Fave Quotes:

Homeless woman: ‘I want meth and a burrito.’

Johnny: ‘You can spend it on whatever you want, that’s how money works!’

Johnny: ‘Hey guys, check out this rad internet site, W-W-W, period, Cobra Kai, period, C-O-M, all lowercase.’

Johnny, smiling: Is that why you’re following me around?

Daniel: I’m not following you around!

Miguel attacks Kyler for dissing his sensei, but also possibly because of his crush on Sam. That sweet boy.