Battle of the YouTube Stars – Round of 64 (Part 2)

Hello everyone, and thanks for what I think was good start to the tournament with the first batch of voting and discussion. As a reminder, the last post was half of the Round 64, while we will continue with the round today. You can check the tournament so far here:

Tournament Notables

  • The most voted on match-up so far was Lindsay Ellis vs Hydraulic Press Channel, which had a final score of 44-14. HPC didn’t have much of a chance but clearly caught a lot of people, and I’m glad it was in the tournament to represent the fascinating oddities of YouTube.
  • The biggest blow out so far was ProZD 41-3 win over ReviewBrah. It makes sense to me ReviewBrah wouldn’t do great this tournament on the strength of his content, but he’s still a legendary YouTube personality.
  • The biggest upset so far (though nominations voting was close outside the top people, so I wouldn’t put huge weight on seeding) was 45) Numberphile’s wins over 20) Ryan George. I thought it might be harder to knock out a Skituber like Ryan, but it turns it was super easy, barely an inconvenience.
  • The closet match was BLR’s narrow 25-24 win over Red Letter Media. I know RLM has plenty of fans here, but it looked like they just drew a tough first round match up.
  • Shout out the the other eliminated nominees: Girlfriend Reviews, Rhett & Link, Sohla, It’s Lit, Little Kuriboh, Overly Sarcastic Productions, Yhara Zayd, Mother’s Basement, McElroy Family, Adam Neely, Allison Pregler

ReviewBrah’s message on behalf of eliminated candidates:

Once again, I’ll be posting the remain first round matches below, so please vote for your favorites. Attached videos are my best attempt at giving a sample of a Channel’s content, but again 1) I don’t expect people to watch everything 2) Some creators are hard to represent with just one video 3) Let me know if a video doesn’t seem like a good example of a channel’s content. You’ll have about 48 hours to cast your votes on these matches!