Comic Book Review – Hawkman #15 (August 2019)

Hawkman #15

Writer – Robert Vendetti

Artist – Pat Olliffe

Although comic book stores are open again, I still like to pick up the DC and Marvel comic packs from Walmart once and awhile. I usually read the comics and then send them away to my friends in the mail. If you want to be included in a comic book care package, drop a comment and ill add you to my shipping list.

I have recently been reading Year of the Villain tie-ins I had put aside and I was pumped to get this issue of Hawkman in my latest comic pack. The Shadow Thief had his powers upgraded by ‘Apex Predator’ Lex Luthor and Hawkman had his clock cleaned by his longtime foe. In an act of desperation, Hawkman flew to Opal City for help in battling his nemesis. He gets some help from an unlikely ally; one he’s known for years. It’s not Starman either. You’ll find out who helps Carter on the first page of this issue and I was ecstatic to see this character’s return. 

I got into Hawkman very late in its run and I was disappointed when I heard it was being cancelled. Vendetti did a great job taking readers on a tour of the history of the DC Universe through the adventures of Carter Hall and his winged alter ego Hawkman. I bought the first trade of this run at New Dimension Comics annual sale and I’m going to have to read it sometime soon. Nearly everyone I have spoken to about Hawkman has said that it was a great series that unfortunately ended too soon. I wish this was the version of Hawkman we got on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but I’m hopeful that this run will be used as the basis for a Hawkman movie or TV series in the near future.

I liked how this issue took a turn into horror about halfway through the story. There is a development that is very creepy and horrific and one I didn’t see coming. A twist that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. I like the explanation from the guest star about how our shadow is part of us and how it can’t live without us or how we can’t live without it. It still gives me shivers when I think about it. Now I understand why Peter Pan kept chasing after his shadow until he was able to capture it and make it part of himself again.

The issue ends with the team of Carter and his compatriot journeying to the Shadowlands for a showdown with the Shadow Thief. Try saying that five times fast. I’m going to try to find the next issue to see how this one wraps up.

If you are looking for something to read on DCUI, I recommend Hawkman. It has the right dose of action and adventure and reminds me a little bit of Indiana Jones in some respects. Hopefully we will see Hawkman soaring the skies again when the live action Black Adam movies hits theaters.

Next Issue – A wounded Hawkman and REDACTED are forced to follow the newly empowered Shadow Master into the Shadowlands. In this place, the all-new and all-powerful Shadow Thief controls all. What hopes do a weakened Hawkman and REDACTED have against a god of shadows?