Battle of the YouTube Stars – Round of 64 (Part 1)

Hello everyone. In spite of the fact we’ve already had fresh controversy with at least of one of the nominees, we are going ahead with Avocado’s Battle of the YouTube Stars and hoping this isn’t a cursed tournament where all the major contenders will have a big controversy before the competition ends.

We had close to 64 Channels with at least 5 upvotes in the Nomination round, so I decide it made sense to simply go straight to a 64-Contestant Bracket. Today we will have 16 match-ups, which is just half of the first round Bracket. You can see the full bracket here:

I’ll be attached Youtube Clips for all the nominees. Obviously, some YouTubers’ content is very long, so I don’t expect anyone to sit down and watch all those videos. But if you’ve never heard of someone, you can watch a little bit and get a sense of what their deal is. I’ve tried to chose video clips that seemed like a decent enough representation of that person or group’s YouTube output. Obviously, 1) Some YouTubers have pretty eclectic content, so it’s not easy to really represent them with one video 2) I don’t know every YouTuber, so I did my best with the creators I haven’t really watched before, but please let me know if a video doesn’t really seem like a good representation of their content.

So please go ahead and vote, by whatever criteria you wish, for the creators you like before to help send them forward to the next round!