Tournament – Battle of the Youtube Stars – Nominations

YouTube. It’s 15 years old now. Many of the people popular on it are bad. But I believe some are good. So why not have a tournament to decide which ones the Avocado likes best.

Below, feel free to nominate any creator(s) of the YouTuber variety you think highly of. If they upload content to Youtube, I’ll let them qualify, though know I don’t think nominating Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert would really be in the spirit of the competition. You may nominate people just as individual humans, or via the name of the Channel they upload on, or the name of the popular series they run – whatever makes sense to you, and I’ll just figure out how to best list people when we reach the actual tournament. If someone is submitted both as an individual and as part of a group, I may need to make a call on whether to let both submissions in or not, but we’ll cross that river when have to.

What could be be weird about this as a tournament is YouTube is a big place with lots of different forms of content, so you might have people matched up who do totally different things. I may consider splitting people into bracket groups based on their genre of content – but that will just depend on the type of submissions we get and what the nomination fields look like

So again, please nominate and upvote your favorite YouTubers below. Hopefully some of you will even find some good channel recommendations in the nomination pile. I’ll will likely have nominations run through the weekend!