The Toybox Celebrates Barbie’s Birthday

The Toybox is celebrating Barbie’s Birthday this month!

The Barbie Doll was introduced by Mattel on March 9th, 1959.

We are opening up the Toybox to discuss Barbie and her many incarnations over the years.

Many parents are divided over the doll – some wont let their children own the doll at all, while others have no issues whatsoever with it.

Barbie has had a major impact on society and pop culture. I remember an episode of Married…with Children where Steve sells Marcy’s beloved Barbie for baseball cards. Steve and Al must walk the streets of Chicago to try to find it. Malibu Stacy, from the Simpsons, is an homage to Barbie. We can’t forget the hit single Barbie World by the band Aqua. AH AH AH YEAH!

Have you owned a Barbie doll during your childhood? Which one? Does Barbie deserve the flack she gets? Should Barbie ride off into the sunset with Ken and retire from toy shelves?

Feel free to drop some topics for discussion in the comments section.