30 Day Food & Drink Challenge Day 25: Do You Avocado?

We’re kicking off our latest 30-day challenge with one that will dip into various areas of fandom over time but will also be a bit less geekish in general with our food and drink challenge.

The generational wars continue and the way the avocado in all its forms have been used to highlight millennials or elitists for years is, well, exhausting. There are always new fruits and foods that come up that become cultural signifiers but the avocado is one that took on a lot more meaning and derision, even though it’s just a basic food.

The end times are here, however, with the Dunkin Donuts chain rolling out their own version of avocado toast in order to compete more for breakfast attention. And that has us asking, do you avocado? If you do, in what ways do you use it?

Bonus: What “generational” food from the past do you remember where it was promoted as something elitist or something for an age group?