AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: The Convergence Manifesto, Part 16

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The next subclass up for discussion is the Psi Warrior Fighter, published in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. A Psi Warrior is a Fighter who augments their martial prowess with the power of the mind. Their psionic abilities let them strike at their opponents telekinetically, or defend themselves with barriers of mental energy.

When you choose this subclass at level 3, you have a pool of Psionic Power within you, represented by Psionic Energy dice. You begin a number of d6s equal to twice your proficiency bonus, and the dice increase in size as you reach certain levels.1 These dice can be used to fuel certain of your psionic abilities, and replenish with a short or long rest.

You start with three different psionic powers. First, you can use a reaction when you or an ally within 30 feet of you takes damage to generate a Protective Field. You expend one Psionic Energy die to reduce the damage taken by the result plus your INT modifier. You can also increase your weapon attacks with a Psionic Strike. Once per turn, when you hit with an attack you can use one Psionic Energy die to deal additional force damage to the target equal to the number rolled plus your INT modifiers. Finally, as an action you can use Telekinetic Movement to move an object or creature up to 30 feet. If you target an object, it must be of size Large or smaller, and a targeted creature must be willing. Also note that you can’t move yourself with this ability. You can use this ability for free once per short or long rest, but must expend a Psionic Energy die to use it again.

When you reach 7th level, you have attained the level of a Telekinetic Adept, granting you access to some new psionic powers. As bonus action, you can use your mind to make a Psi-Powered Leap. You gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed until the end of the turn. You can use this ability for free once per rest, and you can expend a Psionic Energy die to use it again. You can also make a Telekinetic Thrust whenever your deal damage with your Psionic Strikes, forcing the target to make a STR saving throw2 or be knocked prone or pushed backwards 10 feet.

At level 10, your psionic power gives you a Guarded Mind, granting resistance to psychic damage. In addition, if you begin your turn under the charmed or frightened conditions, you can expend one Psionic Energy die to end those conditions on yourself. Note that this does not require an action of any kind.

At 15th level you can create a Bulwark of Force, shielding you and your allies from harm. As a bonus action, creatures you choose within 30 feet of you gain the benefits of half cover3 for 1 minute or until your are incapacitated. The maximum number of creatures you can choose is equal to your INT modifier. You can use this ability once per long rest, unless you expend a Psionic Energy die to do so again.

Finally, by level 18 you are a Telekinetic Master. You gain the ability to cast the Telekinesis spell, requiring no components and using INT as your casting ability. When you use your action to cast the spell, and on each turn you are concentrating on it, you can use a bonus action to make a weapon attack. You can cast the spell for free once per long rest, and you can expend a Psionic Energy to cast it again after that.

Players and Characters

Josephus is back as DM to continue his Eberron. The members of the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild in Sharn include:

  • Sly, a Wildhunt Shifter Druid of the Circle of Dreams from the mysterious and exotic continent of Xen’drik (CleverGuy)
  • Cherri Bomb, a pink Tiefling Rogue, who may or may not have once been a pirate (Waffle)
  • Uda Haserrea, a Summer Eladrin Paladin hailing from the Fairy Court of Thelanis (Wasp)
  • Petie, an Earth Genasi Ranger, who grew up in mostly Dwarvish community that was unfortunately built too close to a Xoriat manifest zone (Spiny)
  • Scylla, a Half-Elf Genie Patron Warlock, who a found a curious patron in a back alley market near Morgrave University (Hayes)

Spiny Creature wrote today’s recap–thanks Spiny!.

The Keeper's Lair

Dear Reader,

Yet another unusual journal entry to be read upon the event of my untimely death at the hands of Xoriat shadow agents. This time, I’m writing from a manifest zone of Dolurrh, the Plane of the Dead! 🙂

We collapsed down here to sleep last night – really not a nice place to do it, but we were wiped out!

How we got here was: Lhara said to meet her in the city of Stormhome for our next extraplanar assignment. And guess what, we got there by riverboat casino! Scylla and Cherri really liked gambling – I think Sly had fun, too, since he got to tell people how boats work.

Lhara told us we had to go deep into the Demon Wastes to a 90-mile-long fault in the earth. It’s called the Lair of the Keeper because allegedly, the Keeper (as in the god of death!) lives down there. Lhara was pretty sure it’s just some fiend pretending to be the Keeper and attracting worshippers, though.

Sometimes demons come on pilgrimages to see this fake Keeper god and he leaves his lair. We’re supposed to take advantage of his absence, enter his home, and grab one of the Khyber shard crystals growing all over the walls.

The kind of shard that grows down there works like a tuning fork and lets you hear the voices of the dead, apparently. I wasn’t tempted to try it – when I died, the other souls were really boring and just complained about how cold they were!

Lhara arranged an airship to take us right over the Wastes so we could jump out. We reached the canyon at midnight, and we could make out a river of blood and bone running through. And by bone, I mean GIANT beasts’ skeletons.

We hid near the entrance to the Lair, unseen by some shadowy man standing guard. We had a close-up view when the Keeper emerged and left to greet his worshippers – he’s an undead, animated dragon! It smelled so bad!

Anyway, Sly noticed an invisible creature was standing right next to us. He cast a spell to reveal the entity and it was just a tiny little imp!

The imp was terrified and begged for mercy. It said it was a servant of the Lords of Dust and was only there to spy on the Keeper, their enemy. Since we were there to steal from the Keeper, it had no problem with us and told us about an unguarded back entrance.

We headed back and sure enough, there was an opening and no guards. But there was a strange bleached tree surrounded by corpses, and Uda and Sly rushed up to look at it. It started swinging tentacle roots at them and attacking!

The tree didn’t really hurt us except for Uda – it poisoned her really badly. I swear, sometimes I worry about that lady!

Sly was doubled over retching from the stench of the corpses the tree threw at us. Scylla – I think – was affected by the apathy of the plane of Dolurrh. Since Dolurrh saps the energy out of souls to let them rest, she was just standing there exhausted.

I ran over to Scylla and gave her a good pep talk that always helped me when I got tired on Li’l Mountain Scout wilderness treks! That helped her remember where she was, and she killed the tree! Nobody Has Stamina Like A Scout 🙂

Inside the lair, we saw two fiends playing cards. Cherri just walked right up and offered to play. She’s a tiefling, so she looks like a pretty convincing Keeper worshipper!

The fiends were clearly not the Keeper’s “top guys”. They told her they wouldn’t stop her from doing anything she wanted, since they hadn’t been instructed to stop anyone. After that, we all just walked through and waved! Ha-ha!

The next cavern was lined with crystals, but not the “tuning” shards we were looking for – these were full of ghostly souls trapped inside. Cherri wanted to grab some, since they’re super valuable.

One of the crystals had a much clearer image – she was hanging on better than the rest. The woman trapped inside could still speak. She told me she was tricked into the Keeper’s lair and trapped here forever and begged to be released.

I knew it might not be smart, but it sounded so nightmarish to be trapped for eternity, unable to pass on to Dolurrh. I felt so sorry for her that I just broke her crystal without asking anybody.

Well, that nice ghost lady passed on peacefully, but other spirits nearby broke free, too, and they were just mindlessly attacking everything.

They drained some life essence from Cherri, but Sly used his radiant moonbeam to hurt them, and we all killed a ghost each. Sometimes we make a great team! 🙂

We headed through a tunnel after that and saw an emaciated, mangy cat entity – a powerful rakshasa. He told us he was also trapped here by his enemy, the Keeper. It was the same story the ghost told us, but we were scared to free somebody that powerful and evil.

He promised he kept his word to those who did him boons, and that if we freed him he’d give us some valuable information and leave. Personally, I thought that even if devilish entities do keep promises, it’s still way too much drama!

Cherri, though, was all about the rakshasa’s offer. He told her where she could find an empty crystal in which to store her soul safely if she dies. Apparently, trapping your soul in these crystals makes it really easy to resurrect you with magic.

So Cherri freed the rakshasa from his prison, transforming him into a beautiful cat again. He left peacefully as promised, and we found the empty crystal he described.

Of course, when we broke that crystal off the cavern wall, more things attacked – though these were some kind of invisible human monsters, not ghosts!

I thought we might have to run away from those dumb invisible guys before we all died. Uda and Cherri were already hurt, and they both collapsed twice. Only Sly could figure out where the monsters were, but he couldn’t attack them since he kept having to heal us! Scylla got so hurt she disappeared into her magic lamp for a while.

Luckily, Scylla and Sly had some good spells to whip up wind and earthquakes and bring down all the monsters in the room. After that, we collapsed where we stood – and that was last night! We’re about to go look for the actual crystal we came for now. Wish me luck, diary! 🙂