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Lockdowniversary – A Year of Corona

On 23rd March 2020, the UK Prime Minister belatedly mandated that British people must stay at home.*

The Imperial College report from 16th March was given much of the credit for informing the decision to lock down. It predicted a worst case scenario (with maximum estimated R) of 550,000 deaths, with no intervention; 120,000 deaths with purely intermittent case isolation measures, and much lower with better measures.

The UK has now had over 125,000 deaths – higher than any of the estimates with measures in place.

Of course, visitors to this site were already well informed in advance:

I didn’t imagine at the time that we’d still be isolating one year later; there are some biscuits in my office drawer that went off in September, because of course I would have returned by then.

So, everyone – how has your year been?

Have you spent it entirely in isolation?

What do you miss the most?

How many of your friends have you seen in that time?

Have you lost any friends or family?

How did homeschooling go?

Were there any unexpected benefits?

How soon do you think you’ll be “back to normal”?

* a couple of weeks after proudly announcing that he had been shaking hands with coronavirus patients. A couple of weeks later, he entered self-isolation himself, having caught the virus.