Connery: The Final Four

Well, my team lost, so I guess we can get back to this.

2 Brutal Battles were held in Rounds 3 and 4, and they went back and forth during the past few days. In the end, one Top Seed won, and one Underdog won.

From Russia, With Love was beaten with a baseball bat by The Untouchables, and couldn’t out beat the Chicago Cops, losing just 34 – 32.

The Highlander, which was the movie that took out The Rock, will not be The One, losing the original James Bond film Dr. No, 36 – 33.

What does that say that the least James Bondian film beats all of the other James Bond films? I haven’t seen Dr. No is decades, but the only thing I remember is the cool car and Ursula Andress rising from the sea. I’m still TeamThunderball!

The Man Who Would Be King had it’s passionate followers, and put up a double digit battle against Obvious Winner Indiana Jones, but still fell 57 – 17.

The Hunt for Red October mangled the Time Bandits 54 – 14, much like my Kansas Jayhawks. No, I’m not bitter!

These next two rounds should solidify what has been obvious all along. You all REALLY like Late 80’s / Early 90s Connery!

But who will it be to take on Indiana Henry Jones? Let’s find out. Next time, we’ll also battle for 3rd place, and you can list your own Top 3 / Top 5 / Top 10 Connery movies of your own!