The Weekly Games Thread is Goin’ Down, Down, Down

Happy Monday, everyone, and happy Weekly Video Games Thread!

Following last Monday’s thread, we’ll be continuing the Bruce Springsteen and Hollow Knight motifs by using a song to get us in the mood for our prompt.

And that prompt is the underground, and the dank and mysterious spaces that fester within. You know, caves and catacombs, sewers and mines, places where the sun ain’t too regular. Some of them are cool – get it, because… caves… often have a lower temperature – and others are a chore. But plenty of them are iconic, which is probably why we’ve been seeing perhaps a rise in underground focused games.

So what are a few of your favorite – or least favorite – underground levels? Are there sub-genres of different kinds of underground levels you’d like to see more of? Do you think there’s been a change in how these areas are made and played? And just how many hundreds of skeletons should you be fighting in each one?

For a quick peek behind this thread’s construction, it’s past 3 AM by me! I spent probably an hour and a half dealing with an impossible glitch: whenever I cropped the bottom-right image from The Thousand-Year Door, it’d screw up and randomly give an incorrect aspect ratio. It turned out I mistook the correct 224 pixel height as 244 for just this one specific piece of the collage, and, well, it was a good thing I was directly copying and pasting the aspect ratio of the Kirby Super Star image before that. I almost changed the order to Metroid, Kirby, Xenoblade, and then Kid Icarus, since I didn’t have to crop or resize those NES images usually.