Comic Book Review – The Flash Annual #3 (June 2020)

Flash Annual #3 (June 2020)

Writer – Joshua Williamson

Artists – Stephen Segovia, Brandon Peterson, and Carlos Pagulayan

“Tall Tale”

Former Flash Rogue and retired Suicide Squad member Captain Boomerang is interviewed by two government agents on the whereabouts of his former team members in Task Force X. We learn the Suicide Squad are on the run for a crime they didn’t commit, trying to stay one step ahead of hired guns looking to collect a bounty on their heads. Captain Boomerang provides sanctuary for his former cohorts in Central City, until the Flash finds the villains in their safe space. Can the Flash help Digger, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn get to safety or will they end up dead before they have a chance to clear their name?

I had Suicide Squad on my pull list for the longest time and I ended up skipping the last volume. After reading this annual, I’m going to have to go back and read it in trade. A group called the Revolutionaries are forced to join the Suicide Squad. These young rookies are a nice balance to the grizzled old veterans and the hate between the two groups make their fight for survival all the more interesting. Ted Kord, formerly Blue Beetle, is somehow involved in the Squad’s plight and that tidbit definitely piqued my interest. Long Live the Blue and Gold!

I love the cover by David Marquez. The look on Barry’s face is priceless! We have seen unreliable narrators before in comics (Joker and Haley Quinn, for example) and we can add Captain Boomerang to the list. Is he really the hero of this story or is he trying to impress the agents and inflate his own ego? You’ll be surprised at what’s true and what’s made up during the course of the conversation.

This annual does a nice job balancing comedy and action. The story is self-contained, and you don’t have to be caught up with Flash or Suicide Squad to enjoy it. There is a small homage to the X-Men in the book during a fight scene and I like how Joshua Williamson snuck it in the story.

You may have missed this issue over the Summer since comic book releases were on hold due to the pandemic and comic book companies and distributors were just starting to release them once again. It’s worth checking out.

I give this annual three lightning bolts out of five. A team-up between Flash and the Suicide Squad, a first in comics. A surprising villain trying to cash in on the reward for the group’s capture. A story you have to read to believe. Another hit for Williamson and his beloved run on the Scarlet Speedster.