Sports Corner – Special March Madness Edition

I can’t really say that I know much about college basketball now. I don’t have cable, I don’t really keep track of things with all the one and done stars, and the whole enterprise is tainted by the grubby fingers of the NCAA and more than a few coaches. And yet I still look forward to the tourneys. To the buzzer beaters and to the upsets and to everyone putting so much effort into the brackets as if it’s ranked choice voting. And I remember my misspent youth, when I spend a few years deeply into men’s CBB, culminating when in 1990, I was unemployed, turned on the TV at noon, and watched more or less straight through till midnight. It can be kind of exciting. Even if this year we are merely hoping to get through the event without any team being forced to drop out due to COVID.

And I even have a team to root for in the form of the Georgetown Hoyas, who were one of my favorites back in the 80s, especially when Patrick Ewing was there. And who’s the coach? Why it’s Patrick Ewing! Hoya Saxe!

All sports topics welcome, but please let us know if you have filled out a bracket. I am not bothering this year, but if I were, I would be picking Gonzaga.