Connery – The Elite Eight

The Movie that I thought would be going up against Obvious Winner Indiana Jones… is gone.

The Rock lost to, of all things, the original Highlander by just 2 votes. 34 – 32. You all surprised me! (Incidentally, The Rock ended up in 4th place in the Nicolas Cage Tournament. Perhaps we should do Ed Harris to find out where it lands there?)

The other close race belonged to Goldfinger, considered the Best Sean Connery Bond movie against John Huston’s classic, The Man Who Would Be King. And Bond… failed his duties this time, kneeling down to the King also by just 2 votes. 27 – 25.

Darby O’Gill and A Bridge Too Far‘s combined votes of 14 + 13 = 27, is STILL less than half of Indiana Jones’ 64 votes..

There are 2 remaining James Bond movies, and they are both the underdog in their rounds.

But who will be the ultimate Final Four to battle against Obvious Winner Indiana Jones? The choice is yours.