Crate Skimmers #2 The Shitty Limits’s Beware the Shitty Limits

Owned since: 2019, even this could be way earlier

Genre: The name says it all. Catchy punk music

Where I bought it: The discount punk bin of my favorite record store ever

Year: 2009

Pressing: La Vida Es Un Mus

When I was in my late teens, most of my weekends consisted of going to several gigs around the country. From our big venues to shitty little youth clubs or squat basements to watch bands but mostly a lot of (hardcore-)punk. I’ve never been a person that really felt that he belonged to a certain scene of music, but my veins pump punk and honestly still do to this day as I’m nearing my end 20s. It also shows in my record collection quite easily. I got all my records loosely sorted by genre and then alphabetical in that order, with the punk one being the only one that nearly takes over a complete shelf plank.

Mostly because punk vinyl is cheap and me going to punk gigs really fell in with the time I got really hardcore into buying records and t-shirts. Literally cleaning my attic a while back and found my old garbage bag full of band t-shirts I don’t fit into anymore these days and it’s like a flashback to my young adult years.

The Shitty Limits were a British band that were around from 2005ish to 2011. In true punk fashion it’s hard to find any info about their start. Released on the always great La Vida Es Un Mus label, making the first of many appearances here, it’s their only full length record. By full length I mean it barely cracks the 20 minute mark, like every good punk record. The kind of punk music that is played pretty straight, no feedback or angry hardcore stuff here – just catchy fast moving tunes that never outstay their welcome.

Think of a New Bomb Turks, Pissed Jeans without the noise-rock and The Germs without a need to self destruct along with a fairly clean production. It’s not going to blow anyone away but fucking hell is it a solid record. Still has nothing on their live shows which were some extremely energetic good kind stuff that would still liven up every venue to this day.

And like the record, I’m in and out fairly shortly but seriously who cares. This rules, everything rules, punk rules. It’s a free download on La Vida’s bandcamp these days so what’s stopping you honestly See you later nerds.

Sloot thoughts: Makes me wanna go into a mosh pit, and then realize “oh shit, I don’t actually mosh pits”. But it’s too late, I’m in the most pit.