Marbula One Season 2: Palette Park GP8

The eighth GP of the second Marbula One season begins today at Palette Park, hosted by Team Primary. The qualifiers showed just how quick the laps of this race will be and just how dangerous some turns were, as some turns have been reinforced to protect the racers.

The event begins with a nice display by Team Primary, but the racers are clearly focused on the track. Yellup begins at pole position, with Tumult in second. Sitting near the back of the pack are Red Eye, of the leading team Crazy Cats Eyes, and Wospy of the Midnight Wisps.

Tumult starts the chaos by grabbing the lead out of the gate, and holds it for the first lap. Yellup loses some more space between them, but manages to keep second for the first lap, followed closely by Smoggy and Pulsar. In the back, Red Eye loses 14th to Wospy.

The second lap is a 4-marble race between Tumult, Yellup, Smoggy and Pulsar, while in the back half, Wospy jumps up 6 places. Smoggy and Tumult push back and forth for the next few laps. Tumult pushes ahead for a bit, but Speedy begins to overtake the others and challenges Tumult, grabbing the led on lap 8. Meanwhile, Wospy has taken 5th. Speedy holds first while the others compete to challenge. Smoggy has a look, then Tumult again, then finally Wospy. Wospy finally connects on Speedy in the 15th lap, but is outmaneuvered. On the 16th lap, Wospy managed to push ahead. On lap 18, Speedy responds with an inside turn, taking the lead back. Meanwhile Smoggy, Tumult, and Azure fight for the final podium spot.

On the final couple laps, Limelime and Ruzzie show up near the front of the pack, or I should say their backs are seen by the front of the pack because they are so far back. With just over 1 lap to go, Wospy takes the lead. The final lap gives Speedy an opportunity to take it back, but Wospy is clever and blocks the pass, securing the lead. Smoggy does succeed in their pass, and just barely nabs third.

Additional Notes

  • It might be easy to say that Red Eye taking a couple places was a good enough showing, but comparing that to Wospy taking every place is just sad.
  • Smoggy’s persisitence in keeping around 3rd was impressive. This course had a lot of variance for each racer
  • I think I spy Roldo near the podium, but I can’t get a good angle to pause…