Connery: The Sweet 16

There was some brawling going on during the Round of 32 Sean Connery tournament. And FOUR of the favored got knocked down by some upstarts.

In the second battle of the James Bonds, You Only Live Twice earned 9 more votes than the Favorite (That Towel!) Thunderball, 26 – 17. A Bridge Too Far fired the Dragonheart 23 – 15. The 20th seeded Outland bested the 14th seeded Entrapment by more than double 26 – 11. And in the Battle of Robin Hood, the mature Robin, with Marian, bested the cameo in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

In the “Why are we doing this” department, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade soundly butchered the unofficial James Bond movie Never Say Never Again 58 – 3. And from the conversation, two of those three votes were pity votes.

Dr. No, surprisingly, got the most votes of a James Bond film. The original Highlander received 42 votes. The sequel received 3. And in that round, Highlander will have the Favor over The Rock !

Darby O’Gill mistakenly got left out in the last round. So it and the lowest seeded to move on, A Bridge Too Far, have the unlucky position of going up against Indiana.

So, basically, the battle for Number 2 continues. Will 2 of the Top 4 be James Bond movies? Let’s continue to find out.