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Admit It Already – Out Loud! Wednesday Politics Thread

One of colonialism’s most enduring legacies is the denial of Black Women’s pain. It seeks to dehumanize Black Women while thriving on appropriating and plagiarizing their work and words, and whenever a Black Woman dares to raise her voice, begs to be heard, white outrage and backlash are guaranteed.

The fear of the truths that Black Women hold is often a reflection of the monstrosities done against them. The louder white supremacy seeks to attack a Black Woman, paint her the ingrate, the liar, the evil doer, the better you can estimate the level of harm that was done to her.

The biggest truth bomb that challenged the very foundation of white supremacy was dropped last Sunday night when Meghan Markle, Black American Woman who married into British Royalty, sat down for an interview with Media High Priestess, Oprah Winfrey. And everyone knew by the level of white outrage that preceded the interview just how badly she was treated. It’s galling how the same voices that protect the institutions of white supremacy went quickly from painting her the ingrate and evil doer to purposely and dismissively diminish the value and significance of that interview.

Pay attention though, the interview wasn’t about a Black Woman ungrateful for being allowed to live out the biggest dream patriarchy reserves for little girls, i.e. marrying a prince and living in a castle; the interview was about challenging the highest of white supremacy institutions living generously off the perpetrations of genocides, slavery, theft, and appropriations of Black Excellence while daring to masquerade as the contemporary face of Mental Health, Equity, and Equality. Of course white supremacy was threatened and sent its biggest water carriers to assassinate both Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey’s characters. But their one failure in their hurry was to acknowledge that the rules of engagement have changed, smashing head first into a firewall of Black Women refusing to remain quiet and submissive.

Not that long ago, another Black Woman who also broke ground, acceding to spaces previously and strictly reserved for whiteness, had to deal with the challenges of anti-Blackness that attempted to revile her, painting her as the “Angry Black Woman” for daring to set her steps and leave her mark, her way. More proof that it’s never about classism, but it is far too often about racism.

And as we witnessed, despite all the challenges, Black Excellence still made her mark, not just inside the White House that was built on the backs of her enslaved ancestors, she also left her indelible warmth and grace etched on everyone’s heart.

And as we watch today the rise of far-right parties all around the world, in places such as Switzerland and the Canadian Province of Alberta where the most advantageous of universal healthcare systems and generous wages are already and firmly established, you can’t help but notice how they lack the one thing that saved America from the vile clutches of its white supremacist uprising:

An empowered political grassroot movement of Black Women. A movement that challenges polls, norms, bullshit xenophobic rhetoric attempting to erase their work and label as ignorance the particulars of their knowledge built on decades of survival. A most powerful force of nature, mobilizing a nation to deliver the candidate who would represent the best in decency, who would work to unite a divided country, and who would garner the support and vote of a smashing majority.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. a most surprising candidate who keeps proving what a perfect fit he is for this specific moment in American history. Unlike those who rose to notoriety before him by presenting the most toxic of masculinity facades, where smiling and showing outward warmth and empathy for others were considered as weaknesses, Joe Biden openly cries, laughs, carefully allows the space for others to express their pain, and unabashedly shows love to his family, loudly declares admiration and support to his son battling addiction instead of shunning him and being embarrassed by him, and dares to embrace strong, competent, opinionated women who challenge his very patriarchy instead of attempting to punish them, silence them, engage in Twitter wars, and purposely provoke misogynist attacks against them.

Instead of pandering to toxic masculinity, stoking its biggest fear of living in a world as equals to all those they marginalized and othered under the guise of economic anxiety, Joe Biden has decentered this vile toxicity and the proven failures of trickle-down economics by instead implementing a core policy ideology that helps people from the ground up.

Beyond quickly working to undo a lot of the harm done by the previous administration where cruelty was the point, Biden’s first bill, The American Rescue Plan, tackles immediate relief; EITC expansion for childless individuals; additional food, utility, and housing assistance; additional funds for mental health and substance abuse disorders; expansion of ACA subsidies; and sets the ground for his campaign promises of anti-racism by cementing the first steps of reparations to Black farmers who lost land over systemic racism, as well as providing the largest investment ever in Native American Programs and funds for tribal governments and their communities.

The version that the Senate voted on is expected to reduce federal taxes, to extend tax cuts to families with children, to raise after-tax incomes, to save workers’ pensions, and to significantly fight child poverty.

The American Rescue Plan is a monstrous bill expected to hasten recovery in half the previously estimated period and to extend its reach to more Americans than ever. It is projected to pass the House of Representatives today before heading to Joe Biden’s desk for his signature. Cross all digits, hope it passes as is, even dare to prepare the champagne or faux bubbles. Have yourselves a very great Wednesday!