30 Day Food & Drink Challenge Day 9: Your Favorite Popcorn!

We’re kicking off our latest 30-day challenge with one that will dip into various areas of fandom over time but will also be a bit less geekish in general with our food and drink challenge.

For a time, it felt like I was living on popcorn alone because I was going to the movies so much. Though you don’t think about it too often, there’s a lot of different types of popcorn and a lot of different kinds of seasonings that you can have with it – and yes, M&Ms are seasoning for popcorn! Today, we want to know what your favorite kind of popcorn is?

I’m admittedly in the simple category as I love just standard movie theater popcorn I get at my local Regal Cinema. A big bucket, a two-hour movie and I’m damn happy for a day. I don’t like any seasonings or even butter with it.

Bonus question: What’s the worst kind of popcorn you’ve tried?