Tool Talk What’s Your Favorite Kitchen Tool (p1) Sunday Food Thread 3/6/21

Like the title says, what’s your favorite kitchen tool? This week is human powered tools, we can talk power tools next week. While I could easily say knife/fork/spoon as those are the tools that deliver the goods to my gaping maw, I’m going to go more into the meal preparation. For day to day, mundane gotta have it usefulness the chef’s knife is a necessity. I have a no-frills (really what kind of frills would I expect? This ain’t no Swiss Army Knife) 10″ knife that I keep sharp and gets a lot of use. To the more esoteric side of things

That said for shear anachronistic silliness I love my hand crank egg beater. I do find myself using the stand mixer more lately but still bust out that human powered beater once in a while. Gonna do it next time I make meringues for sure.