Let’s Talk Arrowverse – To Wells Or Not To Wells

We had a full plate this week in the Arrowverse. The Flash had its Season 7 premiere, joining Batwoman, Black Lightning, and Superman & Lois for a quartet of superhero goodness.

On Batwoman, Ryan proves herself to be the sort of patient Dr. House would smack on the head and call an idiot; I don’t care how crappy your insurance is or how much you’re trying to prove yourself, when your bullet wound starts glowing green, it’s past the just-walk-it-off stage. Though, to give Ryan her due, it’s nice that, as someone who wasn’t around for Season 1’s melodrama, she’s rightly weirded out at how casual everyone is working with Alice.

On Black Lightning, Jefferson’s mid-life crisis continues apace. Lynn upholds the proud Arrowverse tradition of keeping pointless secrets. Anissa and Grace have the shortest honeymoon period ever. And Jennifer … explodes? Did that really just happen?

On Superman & Lois, we have Lois deciding to combat Morgan Edge, not by joining a major media company that’s in competition with him, but by working for a small town newspaper that has precisely one other employee. I’d mock this, but given how James Olsen did almost this exact thing on Supergirl, and given how Iris’s Central City Citizen has been improbably successful … I guess this is just how journalism works in the Arrowverse. Oh, and Jordan discovers he only has semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic power, and we get what everyone guessed about “Captian Luthor” confirmed. Also, interesting we get so many pushed/thrown/punched into orbit scenes in just two episodes; wonder if they can really maintain that sort of scope to ol’ Supesy’s powers.

And on The Flash, we get an ep that was obviously never intended to be a season premiere. It wasn’t bad, had some nice dramatic and comedic bits with the Wellses (Grant Gustin killed it, and I loved how excited Chester was to meet Wells the Grey), but it was weird having everyone split off into their own storylines (half of them in Off-Screen Land). If Harry’s participating in a heroic sacrifice, then Cisco really should’ve been there. They seemed to stress that this was the destruction of all Harrison Wellses that are, were, or ever shall be across the whole of the multiverse … but as far as I know, Tom Cavanaugh’s still a cast member, so what gives? Maybe we’ll get a Harrison Wells clone, who’ll claim to be the rightful heir to Original Wells’s estate … making him owner of Star Labs. Just a thought.

Oh, and on the Supergirl front, we finally have a premiere date for Season 6! Our final season with the Girl of Steel will begin Tuesday, March 30, so mark your calendars!

Question of the Week: Who was your favorite Harrison Wells?