Mario Kart Tournament of Drivers, Course One

It’s time. Time to gather around the television with your friends an an assortment of mismatched controllers to play Mario Kart. Time for you to grab your favorite driver before your friends get all the good ones and you’re stuck playing as Baby Daisy.

For this tournament, I’ve taken all the drivers that appeared in the mainline Kart games (Super, 64, Super Circuit, Double Dash, Wii, DS, 7, 8 + DLC) and seeded them roughly by how many times they’ve appeared. I didn’t include Mario Kart Tour because it’s a mobile gachapon hell with a million variants, and I also skipped the arcade games because 48 was a good number and I’m lazy. This round contains half the drivers so please don’t ask me where Mario is. Mario is tomorrow.

Normal tournament rules apply. Vote for your favorite in each pairing. Feel free to shill for your favorite drivers. Like Mario Kart, this tournament is going fast, so you have 24 hours to vote on this batch.

Remember to start accelerating on the second starter tone!