Best Vegetable Tournament: Nominations

Here ya go, all you damn hippies going on about EVERY VEGETABLE IS A GOOD VEGETABLE these past two weeks.

Some ground rules though:

  • As with the Worst Vegetable Tournament, I shall be using the United States Department of Agriculture’s guidelines on what constitutes a vegetable. Yes, this means that Eggplant, Tomato and even Avocado count as vegetables for the purpose of this tournament. You got a problem, bring it up with those quacks.
  • Despite my past comments joking about it, I would like to actually emphasise that Pizza and other similar foodstuff will NOT be eligible for this tournament. Neither is ketchup, no matter how much you love Reagan.
  • Please be specific, if possible, about which vegetable you wish to nominate. Thus, in the occasion we end up with something like ‘oyster mushroom’ and ‘mushroom (in general)’ in the top 32 or so spots, I’ll be putting the former and not the latter in the first round.
  • Celery is banned from the tournament. Okay fiiiiiine I guess I’ll let it go through the first round if it gathers enough votes. But I swear to God if it ends up winning this tournament…

Nominations will end 2 March, 4:30 am EST