Future State Fallout Week Eight

DC Comics is releasing their Future State comics in January and February.

For the next two months, I will be posting a discussion thread to talk about the weekly releases.

February 23rd saw the release of the following titles:

Aquaman #2

Batman Superman #2

Dark Detective #4

Legion of Super-Heroes #2

Suicide Squad #2

Superman House of El #1

Superman vs Imperious Lex #2

Generations Forged One-Shot

Future State is drawing to a close. I read Batman/Superman #1 and # 2 this week. I picked up Dark Detective and Legion of Super-Heroes on Tuesday. I had to run to another comic store to pick up Superman House of El Thursday.

Some of you comic lovers are still affected by the winter weather and some shops are in their second week of no new releases.

If you were able to make it to your shop, what did you pick up?

What was your favorite/least favorite book this week?