30 Day Animation Challenge Day 26: Best 2010s Animation

Giving a chance for specific periods of time to shine, to see the evolution of animation itself in so many different ways, we’re looking at what you think is the best/your favorite animation project of the 2010s. This can be a TV series, special, film, or something else since there were a few creative ways to release things.

This decade is when I really was gone from general Western animation and became a huge anime fan with the deluge of anime and it becoming my main actual business and field of work. But there were still shows and films I kept up on and got into that weren’t anime.

With it kind of awkwardly running across the decade as a whole, first on Cartoon Network where it had a poor and erratic schedule, then onto the DC Universe service before ending on HBO Max going forward, for the TV series side it’s clearly Young Justice for me. It did some really great long-form serialized storytelling and while it has some big flaws in the mix as well, it challenged what these kinds of shows had been like before and really matured up.

As for the film side, it has to be Spider-Verse, right?