30 Day Animation Challenge Day 25: Best 2000s Animation

Giving a chance for specific periods of time to shine, to see the evolution of animation itself in so many different ways, we’re looking at what you think is the best/your favorite animation project of the 2000s. This can be a TV series, special, film, or something else since there were a few creative ways to release things.

This decade is when I really was gone from general Western animation and became a huge anime fan with the deluge of anime and it becoming my main actual business and field of work. But there were still shows and films I kept up on and got into that weren’t anime.

This decade had a lot of superhero shows that I started to really enjoy because they embraced things far better than the shows of old and it’s a big struggle for me to truly pick a favorite. I have to give the edge to Spectacular Spider-Man with just how well it made you connect with everything but it’s just a hair above the Legion of Superheroes, my all-time favorite comics group that got a great adaptation here that ran for a couple of seasons.

A lot of what I ended up seeing in this period was because I had young kids so my view was changed a bit while still looking for things that clicked for me. Again, looking at non-Disney properties for myself, the one that delivered the best in terms of overall entertainment is Coraline as we got something clearly darker than usual, wonderfully put together, and with a kind of haunting to it that has lasted for years.