Aromantic Awareness Week 2021: Aromantic Headcanons

This year for Aromantic Awareness Week I wanted to do something fun. I wanted to share with you all some of my aromantic headcanons for fictional characters. Aromantic representation is sorely lacking and that’s why many geeky members of the Aspec community (myself included) readily interpret otherwise Allo characters as like us. I’ve got about 10 of my favorite characters here all lovingly photoshopped with pride flags and my justifications for why I think they are Aromantic even if the writers never say they are one way or the other. I hope you enjoy and have a happy Aromantic Awareness Week! Art credit to all the photoshopped images go to my lovely partner It did a wonderful job with the flags.

  1. Monkey D Luffy from One Piece is Aromantic and Asexual: Ok, this first character is a bit of a cheat as he actually is just canonically Aromantic and Asexual. Series creator Oda has stated that romance and sex are just not things Luffy thinks about or even really experiences. This is freaking amazing and is why to my knowledge at least Luffy is like The one canon AroAce in pop culture right now

2. Constable Odo from Star Trek Deep Space 9 is Demiromantic: Like me, Odo can only really start to feel romantic love for someone after a deep emotional bond has been formed. This is why it took essentially till the end of the show and a decade or so in-universe for Odo to finally develop and act on romantic feelings for Commander Kira Nerys. But beyond there’s more to Odo’s relationship with the vivacious and intense Lwaxanna Troi is a beautiful one full of deep platonic love. This wonderful essay from last year by Abigail Dillon on goes into more detail and is honestly one of my favorite pieces of writing about Star Trek and I come back to it constantly

3.Princess Merida from Brave is Aromantic: I wish this one was explicitly canon (The Mouse would never though) Princess Merida literally enters an archery contest in the beginning of Brave so she can win the right to not get married. The movie ends nicely too with Merida’s mom allowing her to live her own life and not just get married as per tradition. Brave is honestly just a whole movie that is so easy to read as an aromantic movie.

4. Phineas from Phineas and Ferb is Demiromantic: Look I’ll just say it. Phineas spent way too much time being either oblivious too or nicely dismissive of his friend Isabelle’s affections to not be demiromantic. It’s also the way he was dismissive of them too like he never wanted her to outright stop being into him he was just slowly gathering up his own feelings and figuring it out. These things take time (a lot of it) for us Demiromantics to warm up to romance with somebody (if it ever happens)

5. Eliot Spencer from Leverage is Aromantic: I just started getting into Leverage for the first time recently and I really like Eliot Spencer probably one of my favorites so far. I also think he like me is an allosexual aromantic. He’s a big flirt and he’s “The Guy” when the team might need to seduce someone for information but he has shown no real interest in romance at all the show isn’t trying to pair him up with anybody.

6. Sherlock Holmes (Most Versions) are Aro and Ace: Sherlock Holmes has one love in his life and that is being a multi-talented crime fighter and the world’s best detective. It is outright stated by Watson that Irene Adler is the only Woman Sherlock ever loved and that the love he has for her is more about her besting him than any real emotional connection.

7. Luigi Mario from Mario Bros is Aromantic: I mean beyond the fact that Luigi is wearing the Aromantic pride colors like all the time he’s never really been seen trying to marry a Princess like Mario. Heck even when he does interact with Princess Daisy they seem more like really good friends (and dance partners.) If he is in a committed relationship with someone it is a Queer Platonic Relationship with Princess Daisy but that’s as far I can see Luigi going to be honest.

8. Louise Mallard from the Story Of An Hour is Aromantic: The entirety of Kate Chopin’s Story Of An Hour is about our protagonist Louise Mallard celebrating the newfound freedom she has now that her husband is dead only to be fatally crushed by the terrible news that her husband is still alive. Yeah she is Aromantic. The Story Of An Hour is a fine example of The Aromantic Short Story. (There’s no picture for this one we couldn’t find anything that worked so here’s a clock instead)

Real time footage of Mallard realizing she’s going to love being a Widow

9. Spongebob Squarepants is Aromantic and Asexual: So this one is half cheating. Nickelodeon has explicitly confirmed Spongebob is Asexual a year or two back on twitter. I take it a step farther and insist that he is Aromantic too. He loves his job and hanging with his friends and that’s all he needs. Here’s hoping Camp Coral doesn’t give Spongeboy Mebob any love interests outside of maybe Jellyfishing.

10. Joan Watson from Elementary is Aromantic: This is one of my favorites and the subtext is there in the show but like Odo, the writers don’t seem to realize it! So to summarize: Watson is seen with a couple of romantic partners in the show, but, there’s no real romantic chemistry there. She’s more cordial and friendly than loving and affectionate. That isn’t all though. The characters themselves pick up on this she never has a long-term romantic coupling. In reference to one guy, she’s currently dating she exasperatedly admits that while he’s amazing she just doesn’t want the relationship at all and she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Sherlock in the episode The Nutmeg Concoction also has this exchange with Watson which honestly seals the deal with me for Aromantic Watson as she doesn’t dispute his analysis and instead takes his advice to heart.

“Sherlock Holmes: I know, you, Watson. I know you’ll never be happy within the confines of a quote-unquote traditional relationship, and I said what I said because it pains me to see you try to fit into one simply because it is the default mode of polite society.

Dr. Joan Watson : Well, there is no reason to feel pain, because I’m happy with Andrew.

Sherlock Holmes: But would you be happier without him, alternatively with him as an occasional sex partner and confidant, or with him when he’s in the states and free to pursue other interests when he’s not. There are any number of possible arrangements. All you need to do is find one which is true to your nature.”

11. The 11th Doctor From Doctor Who is Greyromantic: The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who was married to River Song yes and he did love her but compared to the very sweet and cute relationship Twelve and River had Eleven’s affections for his wife were rather muted (a fact that caused an angst filled moffat speech from River even.) That’s why I believe that Eleven was Grayromantic as he felt romantic attraction but it was weaker than normal (see Ten and Twelve’s relationships.)

That’s my list! Hope you enjoy it, if you have any of your own please comment about them!