The Day Thread Will Make Sure Appa Doesn’t Eat All Your Hay (02/23/2021)

“Imprisoned” is the sixth episode of season one of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This episode is usually ranked near the bottom out of all season one episodes (it’s not the worst, but it’s still a pretty fair ranking). Still, I do consider this an important episode. My opinion is that it is one of the most important ever because said episode is the source of my usual profile pic. You may be thinking that this criteria doesn’t actually make it important within the context of the series as a whole, and you’re probably right. But I’ve always loved the scene from which it originates (which is partly depicted in the header image), so that makes it important to me.

In the scene, Aang promises Haru that he’ll make sure that Appa (Aang’s gigantic sky bison with five stomachs) doesn’t eat all of the family’s hay in the barn. Right after he says that, it immediately pans to Appa eating all of the hay. The pause in between where Appa looks at them, then continues eating will never not make me laugh. How ever you may rank this episode, it has solid funny moments like this that are worth a laugh or two (and that goes for basically every episode), which is one of the reasons why I love this series so much.

Day threads aren’t usually something I sign up for, but I decided to do today’s to pay homage to the joke that gave me my profile pic because, eh, why not? Also, Appa’s amazing, and I love him, which is reason enough.

You are all wonderful and I hope you have an equally wonderful day (also, there’s a little message I left in the header–Werewolf players, see if you can find it).