Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (2/23)

This month, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Silence of the Lambs. The film swept the Oscars, winning the top five categories. It is also the only horror film to win Best Picture. The movie was hugely influential. Likely CBS’ entire police procedural slate of the last two decades doesn’t exist without this movie.

Anthony Hopkins was only on screen for 16 minutes, but pretty much became the film’s iconic character with the limited screentime he had. Scary, funny, campy… if there was scenery he was chewing it. Jodie Foster was still the lead, but Hopkins is seen by many as the co-lead. The Academy seemed to think so. His performance won the Best Actor Award at the Academy.

Not Supporting Actor.


Today’s prompt: what actor impressed you despite being onscreen for a relatively short time?

Next week: 1991 in film