30 Day Animation Challenge Day 23: Best 1980s Animation

Giving a chance for specific periods of time to shine, to see the evolution of animation itself in so many different ways, we’re looking at what you think is the best/your favorite animation project of the 1980s. This can be a TV series, special, film, or something else since there were a few creative ways to release things.

This decade is my heyday as it really went all-in on a lot of really different kinds of projects, even if they were very heavily toy-focused.

For this decade, there are a lot of really diverse shows that I grew up on, from Transformers to the weeklong afternoon GI Joe limited series before it became an ongoing series, that I have a fondness for. But really, the one that I owe the 80s to in keeping me into animation, and then anime, is the English mashtogether that became Robotech for TV series. I’m not doing anime on this challenge at all but this project is just something that I can’t not pick.

With the films, I’m going for a dark horse one of the Black Cauldron as it just delivered for me as a fan of the books at such a young age.