Ways you can support Bless the Harts and get it renewed!

If you are a fan of the Fox animated series Bless the Harts, or even interested in checking the show out sometime, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS THREAD! So the show has not been cancelled yet. However, it seems that it will likely be the case considering that the Fox network stopped advertising it on previews and haven’t announced a status after months. Animated shows should be renewed up to 10 months in advance before a new broadcast season starts at the bare minimum.

So you’re interested in the show, or you want to check it out, but you can’t afford a cable subscription or Hulu, or maybe it simply isn’t available in your country. Below in this thread, there will be several things that you can do (both free or paid) to help the show and turn Jenny and Wayne’s frowns upside down.

  1. First and foremost, the best thing that you can do to support the show is to talk about it anywhere. Whether that be online or real life discussions. If you can get someone interested in it, they may potentially like it and then get others interested. Earned advertisement helps loads. Please share this show with your friends and talk about it online. We have some readers here who like this show, and could talk about this show everyday and share it with their friends and get them interested. Online fanbases matter! If no one is talking about a show, there is no reason for it to go on.
  2. Make fanart or fan works and post them online! This could be theories, analysis/review videos, AMVs, drawings, etc. If the show has inspired you to make something, post it! Again, this falls under the classification of “earned advertisement”. You might get someone into it! Earned Advertisement is “the additional exposure that companies receive in the media without having to pay for it. Examples include news coverage or reviews”. We learned how important it is in digital media class and how companies rely on it. If you have a YouTube channel, especially one with a solid fanbase of subscribers, make videos about the show.
  3. Usage of a VPN to access Hulu. If you have the means to pay for an Hulu subscription, but live in a country that doesn’t have the service, you could potentially use a VPN to make and pay for an account. Some VPN’s are free, like ProtonVPN. Not all of them are paid.
  4. Give Fox feedback when they ask for it on their social media. Fox might ask their customers/viewers what they would like to see more of on their platform. Ask for more Bless the Harts politely. Don’t spam demands under unrelated posts. Spamming under unrelated posts to renew BTH doesn’t really help, because it’s seen as engagement towards whatever the actual post is on. They don’t look at the quality or subject of replies on posts that they aren’t looking for feedback on. Ask on related posts/tag them. You can also let them know directly at the link below that you would like to see more BTH. Again, make sure to ask them politely, and give them reasons why would would like it to be renewed. I’m giving a very bland example. “I really like Bless the Harts and hope to see more of it. I like the family dynamics and I think it is a funny show. I even cried watching the Thanksgiving special because it’s so adorable.” https://foxportal.secure.force.com/feedback/
  5. Encourage companies to make official merch. Companies like Funko Pop allow you to submit suggestions & ideas for figures. They’ve worked with Fox and 20th Television before, so they’re likely to work with them again if there’s interest. Funko – Everyone is a fan of something.
  6. Buy digital releases of BTH. iTunes, YouTube/Google Play, Yahoo, and Amazon Prime have the episodes and seasons available for purchase. Season 1 is 14.99 on Google and Season 2 is 24.99. Not sure about the rest but you can do a quick search.
  7. Support the show’s creators and people who worked on the show going forward. In the event that Bless the Harts isn’t continued, supporting the crew who worked on it is the next best thing. They do amazing work, and they may create something in the future that you will like just as much. Emily Spivey, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Andy Bobrow and about eight other writers for the Harts used to work on The Last Man On Earth before moving on to the Harts, and that show has a huge cult following. I look forward to watching whatever they make next. Twitter is the best way of looking at what they’re working on next.
  8. Watch videos about Bless the Harts on YouTube, or even make your own videos about it on YouTube if you have a channel. I know there aren’t many out there since the show is relatively new, but I’ve made videos of the show a few times on my channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxtY63KizmFiKOlP6awiTow If the Fox networks sees that people are interested via interactions on platforms like YouTube, that looks good to them. As years have gone on, companies have noticed more and more that YouTube influencers and social media can boost a show from obscurity to overnight fame. Just look at Steven Universe after “Jailbreak”, for example. If they see high interactions/viral videos on it, that’ll help. If there are not a lot of videos about Bless the Harts, you can even make your own and share them on the internet. This may sound a bit shilly, cause I make Youtube videos about the show and post a lot of news about it, but I have absolutely no problem with you guys sharing your own videos, or other people’s, about the show on the BTH reddit or on my BTH Facebook fan club, both of which I moderate. I may share some of my own videos there as well.
  9. Share videos of the show, whether you made them or not, on the Internet. Feel free to share BTH videos on other websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc. It gets people to check out the show, and if they like it, they’ll talk about it online, and that’s what matters! Clone High got a significant after following and now HBO Max ordered 2 more seasons of it last week.
  10. When a big YouTuber who covers television or animation asks for suggestions, tell them you want Bless the Harts videos. The more people vote or comment for BTH, the higher chance it will get selected to be covered in videos. And if they like covering it, they may do it again without being asked to. Drop that you want BTH videos in the comments too. Ask if they can at least mention it in a video because that will get people commenting about it. Maybe they’ll ask for a BTH video. To get a big youtuber to cover the show, subscribe to their Patreon account. It’s a few bucks donation a month, but you get a lot of perks like talking to them directly on Discord, video requests, and more. The more you get to know them, the more they’ll consider your request for a video!
  11. I don’t really recommend this one but it’s better than not watching it at all. If you have friends who can’t afford to watch the show, or it isn’t available in their country, tell them to watch it on a video sharing website like kimcartoon.to or the.watchcartoononline.tv. Yes, I’m resorting to this, because this can still get people to watch and talk about a show. Many popular shows are pirated everyday, but have huge fanbases and people talk about them everyday. Companies want to see discussion and engagement. And some pirates do turn into official supporters in the future. I’m not gonna encourage piracy but I’m not stopping you from doing it if you want the fanbase to get bigger.
  12. Finally, the obvious one is to watch on FOXNOW or Hulu, or any official international streaming platform like CityTV.com (Canada s2 only), https://www.foxtv.fi/ (Finland Fox Suomi), Disney+ Hotstar (India), or Disney+ Star (Canada, Australia, New Zealand s1 only), IF YOU CAN. It’s fine if for whatever reason you are unable to, but the second best way to support the show (beyond simply spreading the word) is to watch it legally. If you can’t do that, you have 11 other ways of support listed above.

Again, our fanbase may be small, but if we want the Fox network, or even Hulu or Disney to hear our voice, we need to get our friends and family watching this show, we need to get them to talk about it, and we need Youtubers (especially big ones) to make videos about it. If you are a youtuber with a huge fanbase reading this, please make a video about it! It would mean the world to me and the fans of this show. You can single-handedly change the decision a network makes!

Thank you so much for reading this post.