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Comic Book Club: Nominations for the Next Reading

Thanks everyone for participating in our first Comic Book Club! In case you missed out on the last book discussion, now is the time to help decide the future of this feature. I figured that we will take a break before starting the next book, but we can use this space below to discuss future books that we think would make a good fit. Either the discussion here will make the next choice obvious or we will return for a round of voting the following week.

Before we begin, I have thoughts on the different directions we could go next:

  • Option 1: Another Comics-Related Novel – I like this approach because I think it’s easier to pace ourselves and gives us a lot meatier content to discuss.
  • Option 2: A Comic Run Inspired by Sean Howe’s Marvel Comics: The Untold Story – Over the past weeks, many of us highlighted comic runs we’d never read but sounded interesting from Howe’s descriptions.
  • Option 3: Something Completely Different – There are many other recurring topics in our various weekly comics discussions. What is something we can all read together?

Let’s get into the nominations now. Please write down the Pros and Cons if possible. My last note is that I’ll add that accessibility is going to be important. It’ll be hard to recommend something that is out of print. Having something available in multiple formats (physical, digital, public libraries, Hoopla, etc.) is ideal.