WW 144: Hunger Wolves – Day 5

Spanky looked down mischievously from a tree upon a trip of people in the middle of some conversation. Right by him was a hive of Tracker Jackers, the Capitol’s genetically modified Wasps. “Boy, this will be a fun prank.”

Spanky hit the Hive with a baseball bat, sending it fall down upon the people below. Chaos ensued as suddenly a swarm of Tacker Jackers ran away. One successfully ran away from the scene, while the two others were brutally stung. As they ran their separate ways experiencing strange hallucinations, it was clear their Alliance was split.

Alliance A has been disbanded.

Spanky made his merry back to a Treehouse to meet with his confidantes. But when he reached the Tree House, there was someone waiting for him – Mai, menacingly holding a bow and arrow.

“Oh boy!” Spanky said.

“Hey kid” Mai said. “Mind telling me who you were going to hang out with up there?”

“I’m not saying nothing! Except if you want to take down President Snow, you better let me go. The rebellion is on!”

Mai smirked. “Oh really, someone promised you a rebellion? And would that person be President Coin of District 13?”

“Huh? How do you know about that?”

“Someone told me the truth. That President Coin is just another person who wants to control us. We took care of Snow’s Pawn when squished that Rat. But if we really want to control our own destiny, we need to take care of whoever Coin’s Pawn is too.”

“Well, you’ll have to get through me if you want to reach my friend!” Spanky bravely said.

“No problem”Mai said, coldly sending an arrow into the boy’s heart without mercy. A cannon went off.

Hoho / Spanky is dead. He was formerly in ALLIANCE B, and was in the DISTRICT 13 ALLIANCE. He co-owned the HIVE and had 20 coins at death.

Mai looked up at the tree house. “This is my chance then, to go and take care Coin’s Pawn.” She put her bow away, and prepared to climb up.

But at that moment, a figure suddenly came dashing behind her – and began to repeatedly stab Mai with a knife.

“No, wait! You can’t kill me with my own signature weapon!” But she was given no more chance to speak, before a cannon went off.

Side Character / Mai is dead. He was in no Alliance, held the Bow & Arrow, and died with 25 Capitol Coins.


District 1: Narrowstrife & Admirax

District 2: Dramus18 & Nate the Lesser

District 3: Hoho & Lindsay

District 4: Louie & Owen

District 5: Forget_it_Jake & Confederatio Delenda Est

District 6: Ralph & Marlowe

District 7: Raven & Side Character

District 8: Emm & Grumproro

District 9: Captain Video & Mr. Plow99


Alliance A – 4 3 Members

Alliance B — 4 Members

Alliance C – 3 Members

Alliance D – 3 2 Members


Twilight will be at 2 PM EST on Monday, February 15th.