WW 144: Hunger Wolves – Day 4

No-Face, as always, was gobbling up food in the arena as always. One of the other tributes had warned him off of this, saying he was bound to run into something poisoned at this rate, but No-Face could not resist.

A figure came up to No-Face with a plate to offer. “Hey, I know we’re suppose to kill each other, but this is just a friendly offer.”

No-Face greedily accepted the gift, swallowing it all in on gulp. Suddenly, No-Face began to do whatever the spirit version of chocking was. The other figure laughed and ran away, while No-Face coughed up the Axe that had just messed up his inside. A cannon went off.

Jake / No-Face is dead. They were in Alliance A & C and formerly Alliance B, had no items, and 50 Capitol Coins.

Veronica Lodge looked down at the invitation she had received that night. Since she had somehow showed up late to the Hunger Games, after her District partner had already perished, she had felt left out of a lot of the group opportunities. It was like suddenly she wasn’t one of the popular girls anymore. But finally she had her chance to be a part of something, according to what this letter told her.

Veronica was suddenly districted by the sound of an explosion elsewhere in the arena. She waited for the aftermath to pass, and was surprised when no Cannon sound came. “Hmm, that’s odd. That sounded like the typo of explosion that should have killed someone. But no cannon went off, so I guess whoever that was meant to kill avoided it.”

Veronica let that thought pass, and redirected her attention to the letter in hand. “I better respond to this invitation straight away.” But she never got the chance, because at that moment, and arrow was shot – piercing through the letter and into her eyes. This time, a cannon did go off.

Admirax / Veronica Lodge is dead. They were in no Alliance, had no items, and died with 70 Capitol Coins.


District 1: Narrowstrife & Admirax

District 2: Dramus18 & Nate the Lesser

District 3: Hoho & Lindsay

District 4: Louie & Owen

District 5: Forget_it_Jake & Confederatio Delenda Est

District 6: Ralph & Marlowe

District 7: Raven & Side Character

District 8: Emm & Grumproro

District 9: Captain Video & Mr. Plow99


Alliance A ā€“ 4 3 Members

Alliance B ā€” 4 Members

Alliance C ā€“ 4 3 Members

Alliance D – 3 Members