30 Day Animation Challenge Day 12: Your Favorite Don Bluth Film

While Disney was largely synonymous with animation in the West for decades until Pixar came along, there were other studios and folks producing things as well. One of the more well-known ones was Don Bluth, who worked as writer, director, producer, and more on a lot of films after initially working as an assistant animator for Disney going back to Sleeping Beauty.

So today, we want to talk about Don Bluth’s works and which one of his library of excellent titles delights you the most? You can choose from the various categories of writer/director/producer for it. For us, it’s always going to be The Secret of Nimh with how it just felt so revolutionary against the backdrop of other projects that were released at the time from Disney where they felt just a little too safe compared to something darker like this.

Bonus Question: Which one works the least for you?