The Book Nook

Welcome to the Book Nook!  This is the weekly thread for Avocados to discuss books we’re currently reading, recommendations, genre, and serious literary criticism. 

This week’s recommended discussion:  In honor of Valentine’s Day, what are some of your favorite books about love and heartache?  Which books get it right, and which absolutely do not?
(hat tip to MisterSplendiferous)

Because we’re here to use our words, this is a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone.  The OTs are full of clutter, and I want to keep that out of this thread. Images related to a post are fine, though.

upcoming topics:
2/17:  world literature (h/t to Malice Aforethought)
2/24:  exotic settings (to the characters) (h/t to MisterSplendiferous)
3/3:  translations or reading in a non-native language (h/t to Jason P)
3/10:  audiobooks (h/t to Ornery Ballsack)
3/17:  favorites from your own country or culture (h/t to Eric Pharand)
3/24:  how middle/high school required reading worked (h/t to Warmerdam)
3/31:  literary trickery
4/7:  when good gimmicks go bad
4/14:  waiting is the hardest part – author and publisher delays
4/21:  celebrities who write
4/28:  better read at a different age (h/t to Pliny the Millennial)
5/5:  around the world in 80 days (actually 77, but who’s counting)

Book Nook posts every Wednesday at 8:15 AM Eastern.