Sports Corner Tries to Pay Attention to the Games

There is plenty of sports. The Super Bowl is just behind us, the NBA and NHL are going along, as is college basketball. Golf gears up for Pebble Beach, and the Australian Open is underway. And yet I seem to be thinking about all the stuff off the field, from the ongoing difficulties the NHL is having with COVID outbreaks to the DWI-triggered accident caused by Britt Reid, from the painful labor dispute between the owners and the baseball players to the unnecessary and unwanted NBA All Star Game. It’s been just a bit hard to kick back and have fun.

But there is fun to be had. Steph Curry’s three point shooting dominance, the Nets’ three headed monster, Connor McDavid’s emergence, even Tom Brady winning another Super Bowl. The distractions of sports seem not to last long for me, but they are still there. Come, let’s chat sports.