30 Day Animation Challenge Day 10: Your Favorite CG Animation Series

While grew up on animation and saw a lot of styles over the years with it, there was one area I was really resistant to. And that was the CG animation side. We saw a lot of strides made in this area when it came to feature films in the 90s but it took a lot longer for me to like it when it came to TV animation quality. I was initially super excited when there was going to be a (second) Star Wars: Clone Wars TV series but then it was CG and I basically ignored it for five seasons. 

It was only when I ended up getting the five-season box set on the cheap to check it out that I eventually came around on it, and it was mostly toward the later seasons. I’m still very resistant to a lot of shows in this manner for a number of reasons as I really prefer traditional animation that’s not done anymore, but this series is one that got me to see the light and be a lot more open about it in general. But it’s also just an utterly fantastic show for such a hardcore Star Wars nerd like myself.