A Night Thread about BLASTING CAPS (2/9)

Dynamite! Dynamite is cool! It allows us to unleash grand explosions, explosions that clear away debris in order to continue forward progress in this grand world of ours!

Explosions have been made safer and more useful thanks to detonators, allowing anyone using dynamite to maybe not be so close to the explosion when it goes off! Detonators, also frequently called blasting caps, can be very, very cool, but also very dangerous.

And now, here’s an educational short about how dangerous they are….wait, are you telling me a child is going to prank another child by putting a blasting cap on a grill as part of a “harmless” prank? My goodness!

BLASTING CAPS ARE AWESOME BUT DANGEROUS! NEVER MIND THAT YOU JUST FOUND THEM RANDOMLY LAYING ON THE GROUND NEAR SOME GUY’S APPLE TREE. IT’S NOT A JOKE! I’m just going to casually put this one away now and never think of it again. But hey, despite us nearly possibly dying because a child wanted to do a stupid, spiteful prank, at least we all learned a valuable lesson today!

The many shapes/sizes of blasting caps. Remember kids, DON’T TOUCH THEM!

These are blasting caps! DON’T TOUCH THEM!

This baffling educational short was featured during A Night of Shorts 2, a presentation of shorts riffed by The Mads, otherwise known as Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff, two notable alums from the original run of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The Mads is one of many side projects (similar to The Film Crew, RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic) that have spawned over the years because of MST3K’s loyal, passionate audience wanting to see more cheesy movies riffed by people they loved (or possibly grew up with) watching. The Mads simply started out as a road show for Trace and Frank, as they’d visit places across the country and entertain fans who wanted to watch a cheesy movie with them. However, with the unfortunate reality of COVID-19, they could no longer hit the road and greet happy audiences.

The solution? Stream it online! With the help of Chris Gersbeck and his live comedy/podcast production company Dumb Industries, The Mads are now doing monthly shows online!

The Mads did a movie earlier tonight, which was the Arch Hall Jr. “movie” The Choppers. Much like Eegah!, a film that made for a classic MST3K episode, this also stars Arch Hall Jr. and was produced/written by his father. Arch Hall tried hard to make his son a movie star and also a singing sensation, and it just didn’t pan out on either front. Anyway, The Choppers is a bad movie but it was a fun riff.

Unfortunately, there is no additional access/download to the broadcast if you didn’t purchase a ticket earlier. However, Dumb Industries has begun to archive/stream previous shows via its Twitch channel if you’re interested in older content. The monthly events appear to happen on the second Tuesday of every month, but stay tuned for information on future shows!

I hope you all have a great night and overall, a great night thread. But seriously, blasting caps. Don’t sleep on how dangerous they are to you and your loved ones. Or sleep on them period.