Community Etiquette Sunday Food Thread 2/7

I was at the grocery store stocking up for a couple weeks the other day. I try my best to maintain my distance from other shoppers and my regular store has designated one-way aisles that I also do my best to honor. I still fall into absent-mindedly going whichever direction if I’m spacing out but do correct as soon as I catch myself. While picking out a good hunk of ginger another shopper came up right on my back and said, “Excuse me.” I replied, “I’ll be done in no time, just a sec.” At which point they basically threw to cloves of garlic (it’s in the bin next to the ginger) in my direction and huffed off toward the citrus. I resisted the urge to give her a piece of my mind and felt sorry for the stockers who I’m sure have to deal with this behavior on the regular. Pre-COVID I paid some attention to common courtesy while shopping but since I’ve been hyper aware of it in both myself and other shoppers I encounter. I hope to remain a little more courteous once things go back to ‘normal’. We haven’t gone out to eat but have had delivery and I’m always masked when the delivery person arrives. I tipped 20% pre-COVID and have upped that to 30-35% depending on my rounding skills.

How about you? What’s your shopping/dining out/delivery experiences like these days?