BREAKING DAY THREAD NEWS: George Harrison has tonsils removed

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just received word that famous Beatle, George Harrison, has had his tonsil’s removed. I repeat, his tonsils have been removed. We go live to a hospital in (probably) England, where the writer of “Something” (do we really not know the name of any of his songs? What? “Something” is the name of the song, christ…) is resting comfortably.
Hello, I am, as you said, George Harrison. Today is February the 7th and I’ve just had my tonsils removed. I’m very much looking forward to eating some raspberry ice cream and of course, doing drugs. Drugs are neat, and you can buy them relatively cheap, and when do them people think that you’re cool.
Smashing, George. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Day Thread.

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