WW 144: Hunger Wolves – Sign-Ups

You have been randomly selected to represent your District in Panem’s 144th Annual Hunger Games, a nationally televised fight to the death among 24 tributes. Congratulations!

This battle royale will feature voting during the day to select a player to kill off, chances to earn additional helpful items and weapons, and to collaborate with allies through factions. 

Panem is made up by 12 Districts, each of which selects 2 tributes. You and your (randomly selected) fellow tribute from your District will share a QT, and have the chance to speak and collaborate as much as you wish. District pairs are publicly known. If both tributes from the same district survive to game’s end, they can be declared co-victors of the Hunger games. 

With the exception of the District Co-Victors rule, the intention is this game will go on until there’s one tribute standing. Factions may be formed, which will share a QT and can work together as much as they like to extend their members’ survival – but eventually any surviving alliance of players from different districts will have to turn on each other. 

4 Players will randomly receive the opportunity to form an alliance at the start of the game with 2 other players of their choice. Opportunities to expand these alliances or create a new alliance may arise. Faction Membership will be secret, but all players will know the number of active factions and how many surviving members those factions contain. 

Every day, there will be a public vote to choose a player to be killed. As there is no “scum” faction, who you wish to kill will be a matter of how you choose to play the game.

You’ll also be working during the game to impress generous sponsors from the capital. Every player will receive an initial 50 Capital Coins from Sponsors, but additional Capital Coins may be earned through game events. 

Each day there will be three Items announced as available. You will be told the items’ name, but will have to guess at the nature of their abilities. You will have the opportunity in your private QT to bid capital coins for an item. The player who makes the largest Capital Coin bid for an item receives it (and they are the only bidder whose money gets taken). These items are given out at the end of the day.

You will have to be wary of all your fellow players, no matter the alliances you form. But perhaps you should be most wary of all of the I, the Head Gamemaker. My job as Gamemaker is to please Panem (and my masters…) by putting on a good show. This means that I entirely reserve the right to change the rules of the Game at anytime to keep things interesting. 

May the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. Owen
  2. Captain Video
  3. Dramus18
  4. Forget_it_Jake
  5. Louie
  6. Hoho
  7. Grumproro
  8. Nate the Lesser
  9. Marlowe
  10. Ralph
  11. Admirax
  12. Emm
  13. Lindsay
  14. Mr. Plow99
  15. Raven
  16. Confederatio Delenda Est


  1. Side Character