30 Day Animation Challenge Day 3: The Worst Show You Still Love

With so many projects out there year to year, and sometimes a love for a particular property that is so strong you can look past their faults, there’s a lot of bad out there. Typically, people look to the really kid-oriented stuff in order to fill in that gap but there are a lot of other ones as well. I grew up being a huge fan of the X-Men in the “best” comics era during Claremont’s run and being a huge anime fan had me excited to see what this group of creatives would do to bring it to life.

The X-Men anime, along with most of the others that were produced at the time, were just bad. They had good moments but it was just such a flawed approach in so many ways that it never came together well but at least avoided a number of the usual cultural things that end up embedded in projects like this. I really loved the animation and look for a lot of this and that it did play things so seriously but I know I was one of just a few that actively enjoyed these projects.