The Kindness Is The Point – Wednesday Politics Thread

From the moment that heinous mendacious conman was sworn into office, he made it a point of honor to instill fear in the hearts of the marginalized, to cause unnecessary pain to those already barely hanging on, to viciously punish those he regarded as less worthy of Human Dignity, and to put in danger the life of anyone who dared show what he believed to be a lack of loyalty. He found glee in causing harm, he spoke of acts of war and violence with relish, and smiled only when bullying others. As Adam Serwer famously and quite accurately put it, the cruelty was the point.

Following his fascist doom inaugural speech, the conman unfortunately went to work. His first Executive Orders in office were drafted by white supremacists he elevated to the high ranks in his cabinet sullying the steps laid down by the first US Black President. When he signed the Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States executive order, otherwise known as the Muslim Ban, people stopped fooling themselves; he meant to suspend entry to immigrants from Muslim-majority countries and to greenlight open season on unabashed Islamophobia. Muslims in America became a target; they were being violently and openly attacked on the streets, places of worship were put in constant danger, US-born as well as naturalized Muslim citizens were being threatened with deportation, and communities have been living in constant fear ever since he signed that order.

The Executive Order minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was aimed at reversing the ACA by ordering agency heads to waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay implementation of any parts they deemed to place a fiscal burden, as well as give more control over implementing health care laws. In the last four years, the attacks to repeal the ACA never relented or took a break from significantly eroding access and limiting expansion causing unnecessary harm and deaths while cruelly punishing a population in the midst of a global pandemic.

The conman openly sought to punish service and pride in country under the guise of patriotism; his Military Transgender Ban pandered to white supremacy’s strict and outdated phobia and gender conformity. People who found pride in breaking glass ceilings and openly serving in the military lived in fear of vicious persecution, of losing their place within a community historically opposed to the mildest of change having nothing to do with advanced weaponry, and losing the career they built on once barren unwelcoming ground.

Throughout the years, the conman did his best to pander to bigots, to punish the marginalized, to undo every meaningful progressive step to protect the environment. He hired the worst, the most incompetent sycophants to head US departments with the clear intent to cause maximum damage, to destroy Communities of People of Color, to erode environmental rights, and attack any safety net that helped lift people out of poverty and into the middle class. He gave Carte-Blanche to act with cruelty, to separate babies from their parents, to allow children to die in cages, to allow girls and women to be raped and reduced into sexual slavery. His administration encouraged further the erosion of Women’s Rights, of Civil Rights, of LGBTQA+ Rights; he bartered Native American land with the highest bidder; he openly kissed dictator ass and went as far as allowing them to put bounties on the heads of US troops.

The wannabe dictator was so cruel it left everyone breathless with despair. On the eve of finally ridding us of his poisonous presence, he signed an executive order enabling social-service agencies to ban gay couples from adopting and to evict trans-youth from shelters. The cruelty was the fcking shameless unabashed point.

It has been exactly seven days since Joe Bien and Kamala Harris were sworn into office. They didn’t waste time and hit the ground running. Joe Biden made it a point to give specific directions and to sign these executive orders publicly reversing years of cruelty; he didn’t need to sign them this quickly and each and every one in particular as he intends to undo the harm of the previous administration over time. But he did so in order to alleviate the constant feeling of doom and unrelenting fear that have become part of the daily lives of so many; fear of persecution, of open prejudice, of being forcefully separated from loved ones, of dying for lack of access to affordable healthcare, of losing their job, of losing their homes, of losing their families.

In the last four heinous years, all the bad that conman and his administration generated gave rise to the very profitable business of Cynicism; whether masquerading as journalism or political punditry, it is nothing in reality but Outrage Merchants peddling fear, stoking your hatred under the guise of conservatism, liberalism, or progressivism. They made it very difficult to see simple truths before your very eyes, to grasp the very mundane notion that sometimes it isn’t about political scores but about basic human decency. And that the last seven days were about restoring Human Dignity, faith, easing the burden, and dissipating the constant dread because very plainly, the kindness is the point.