The Interstellar Pig Day Thread (1/25/21)

One of my favorite books when I was younger was Interstellar Pig by William Sleator, published in 1984. I re-read it not that long ago, and it remains pretty great. It’s about a young teenager on vacation who begins playing a board/card game with his exotic neighbors only to be embroiled in the game in real life (sort of a Jumanji in reverse), with the fate of Earth in the balance.

I’d explain more, but I don’t have to! Our own The Hayes Code was recently on an episode of Mike Vago’s (Cookie Monster’s) podcast Why Is This Not a Movie? to discuss the novel and its filmability.

Why Is This Not a Movie: Interstellar Pig

I did once play the titular interstellar pig in a Werewolf game, and Boris, my custom-WW-avatar designer, was nonplussed:

But I think she did a fine job!

Anyway, listen to the Hayes/CM podcast, y’all, and have an excellent day!