Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Same Bat-time, New Batwoman

It’s here at last, folks! After seven months of waiting, we finally have a new Arrowverse episode to discuss! Specifically, the premiere of Batwoman Season 2, an episode with the unenviable task of writing out Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane and introducing a new character to take on the Bat-mantle: Ryan Wilder, a young woman who is, when we first meet her ….

There are a lot of contentious feelings about this episode, but I thought it was pretty decent, especially given the circumstances.

They probably made the best choice they could for writing Kate out: create a scenario where she’s probably dead, and everyone has to carry on their lives with the assumption she’s not coming back, but without a body ever being found, so she can always come back someday if Ruby Rose agrees to a guest spot.

As for our new Batwoman? She’s a mixed bag so far. When she has to deliver speeches explaining her backstory and core motivations … those are cringe, I’ll admit. But when she’s in the field doing superheroic stuff, her mix of excitement and panic is endearing as hell.

Mary and Luke continue to be a good buddy duo, and with Ryan being a newbie to all this Bat stuff, the three of them might be able to form more of a team of equals, as opposed to their old dynamic, where Kate always called the shots.

I am a bit worried for them, though. Now that Jacob and Sophie know Kate was Batwoman, shouldn’t take much detective work to figure out who’s been helping her and where their hideout is.

I loved how Alice’s C-plot was downright meta: she’s bummed that the climax to her story arc, rich in pathos and dramatic irony, never got to happen, and is left wondering if she even has a purpose in the story now that Kate’s not around to antagonize.

How long do you figure before she stitches Mouse’s face onto some other person?

Tommy Elliot as Bruce was a lot of fun, and I wish that storyline had lasted a bit longer. Who wouldn’t want a whole season of him and Alice being mismatched roommates?

My biggest gripe, however, is this bit of dialogue:

“Wait, hold up, you know Alice is Beth?”
“Of course. They are my cousins.”

I think we all know how that exchange should have gone:

“Of course. I’m Batman.”

On a different note, this week also saw the release of a trailer for the upcoming Superman & Lois series, and it paints a more somber portrait of the series than I think any of us were expecting.

Question of the Week: When Supergirl returns, do you think Kara will mention her latest bestie being missing-presumed-dead? Some x-ray vision would come in pretty handy with the search effort.