Expiration Dates? Sunday Food Thread 1/24

Last week Captain Palmer commented that his roommate will throw food away based on the printed expiration date leading to a lot of good food being tossed in the bin. Commenters (including CP) all pointed out how wasteful this sounds. Does it even matter that some are “sell by” dates and some are “best buy” dates? I tend to pay a little closer attention to “use or freeze by” on really perishable things like meat but usually only buy those things when I have a very specific meal and date to make that meal in mind.

What are your hard & fast rules for when something is bad? I don’t pay much attention to the dates and rely first on the smell test and if I still have doubts I’ll take a little taste. I may be a bit emboldened by the fact that the only time I’ve ever given myself food poisoning was undercooking a frozen chicken Kiev in the microwave.

We really try to not waste food in our house, almost take it as a challenge to use everything that comes into the house and let nothing go bad though it does happen occasionally.