30 Day Music Challenge Day 24: A Song With Someone’s Name In The Title

While working through a variety of different lists and suggestions for challenges, one that came up pretty regularly that I hadn’t touched on before was this one. A song that you really like that has someone’s name in a title. These kinds of songs can be a problem for people with that name because they feel tied to it or others always belt out a lyric or two at them from it over the years, which is its own special kind of hell I imagine.

But, there are songs where that personal touch of a name really drives it home all the more and makes it easier to visualize and connect with. So today, we want to know your favorite song that features someone’s name in the title.

For me, the one that really stands out is from one of my favorite groups that fell apart ages ago with “Margot Known as Missy” from The Judybats.