Marble League Winter Special E4: Bobsled

The fourth event in the Winter Marble League Special is the bobsled. The event begins with some information on the testing, with the test team being tossed from their sled, and one being injured. Luckily they were able to find a better design by flipping the bobsled over and things could begin safely.

For this event, the competitors slide down a bobsled track as quickly as they can in 4-marble teams. The key to this event is having a clean release and keeping their momentum. The teams will have only one run and will do so in order of ranking from lowest to highest.

As such, the first team to go are the Balls of Chaos. They set a respectable time of 7.311. A ways away from the track record, but not the slowest we’ll see this event. The Chocolatiers and Snowballs are next and both have a slow roll of it, getting times of 8.220 and 7.915 respectively, securing the bottom two spots for the remainder of the event.

The Pinkies and Team Galactic both perform well, but don’t dethrone the Balls of Chaos. The O’Rangers, however, do, with a new track record time of 6.541. This record secures them a gold in the event.

Next up are the Midnight Wisps, who take the first couple of turns well, but the final loops causes them to see-saw through the last stretch and places them on the lower side of the rankings. The Savage Speeders do better, and provisionally take second from the Balls of Chaos.

After this, we are treated to a marble’s-eye-view of the track, which is a delightful little aside, as well as some of the new jerseys for each team (the Hazers’ looks quite cool). Minty Maniacs are up next and deflate the Speeders’ sales by stealing provisional second from them, after which the Green Ducks add some salt by taking provisional third.

The Raspberry Racers’ run seems to be going well until the last leg where their sled goes almost completely horizontal, losing them lots of speed and earning them provisional ninth. Team Momo is fast out of the gate, but some wobbles push them back to provisional fourth. The Crazy Cats Eyes have an awkward start that fishtails them throughout the run, putting them all the way in provisional 11th.

The Hazers, currently in third, run on the slow side, earning a provisional 9th. The second place Thunderbolts are similar in speed, taking provisional 9th from the Hazers. The Oceanics buck this trend and finish the event by taking 3rd and pushing their lead to the double digits. It seems that they do well on water when that water is frozen.

At the end of the event, the top three do not change, but silver and bronze are within reach for many more teams. The O’Rangers’ gold pushes them up a huge 7 ranks to fourth. The Minty Maniacs’ silver pushes them up 3 ranks to fifth, and the Oceanics’ bronze secures their slot at #1. It’s the Oceanics’ Winter Marble League Special to lose now.

Up next is Ice Hockey.

Stray Thoughts:

  • No signings today, just the testing crash to begin this event
  • Once again I failed to find Roldo
  • No crashes with the more secure bobsled configuration, thankfully
  • The sound effects on the marbles-eye-view cam were great